Sunday, February 15, 2009

Woo woo

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A few weekends ago, we journeyed to Bryson City, NC to ride the Great Smoky Mountain Railroad. Check it out here. It was an enjoyable trip with many photographic opportunities. There were fabulous views of Fontana Lake, and a stop at Nantahala Outdoor Center, which was closed. We ate in the dining car at the expense of my in-laws (thank you very much), but would recommend that you bring a picnic-type lunch. The seats were very comfortable. My favorite part was walking nearly the whole length of the train to the open car at the end. It was like trying to walk after having three shots of tequila and standing up for the first time. There is an electric train museum on site that bewilders the mind with its sheer numbers.

You can view the rest of my pictures on flickr.


Marc and Ned said...

Wow - awesome pictures!

Dewdrop said...

Hey, you're back!!

Alden is fine. Just areas near creeks and rivers flooded.