Friday, June 08, 2007


Let's hope she was formerly 190lbs. Otherwise, skinny people are an unwelcome sight making their way around the Curves circuit. She was little with long brown hair, and probably 125lbs. The curves philosophy is that anyone who wants to improve herself, can, though. I still am not impressed by the success stories that feature someone who only lost 20lbs. Give me someone who had the mental determination and physical strength to shed 100-plus. That is raw success.

My body, more familiar with the mechanics of each machine, benefited slightly more from the workout this time. When I signed up, I mentally rolled my eyes at the kooky, sped-up popular dance tunes and the Curves lady who bleeds over every 3o seconds and tells you to change stations. In contrast, today I enjoyed the quirky, Lazy Town-style music and I can envision Spartacus doing splits in the air. I like Spartacus.

Again, demons on that other "Space". I'm sick of people who get their jollies posting pictures of obese people in their comments. These are "friends" of mine (I use that term loosely), but not good friends, and I wonder about the peer pressure from their other friends who inquire as to why they would even associate with a fat person. I think that is the source of the blubber-bashing. I can't take it.


Dewdrop said...

I know this is something you're doing for you, but you are absolutely beautiful to me... I love you exactly as you are! Kudos for your determination, and I pray that you are successful in seeing yourself as beautiful as I see you.

Cannot Sedate said...

Thank you! I love you too!