Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Three and Four

We went away for the weekend, and I had difficulty finding an open Curves farther up in the hills of the Smokies. A small fraction of purpose in joining this organization was that a franchise existed where we visit. WRONG. Closed. Out of Business. The next-closest one did not keep Saturday hours. So, a few more miles out I found an open Curves. I went in fast-forward Spartacus leaping style twice around the circuit and realized my 30 minutes was not up. I asked about it, and the employee said it was 3x around here. I must have more equipment at my home location.

Whew. That all done, now time to hit Target. I forgot to pack undies. I get so stressed out about packing to go on a trip. I have NEVER forgotten underwear. Thank goodness that the laws exist to allow a first time for everything. Like my dear pal who is going to write a furious letter to a commercial airline for losing her luggage, I think about writing a paragraph or two to Target for neglecting the huge honeys in the lingerie department. No, we don't like big white granny-panties. We do own low rider pants and we would not like for the elastic to peek out when we sit down so that everyone may see that we like the bagged Hanes. What a drain on my time. Well, Wal-Mart rarely lets me down.
Tonight I hit my home Curves and braved bare shoulders and legs. Won't do that again.
So now I'll talk about another pal who evidently is a "Celebutante." One of her friends shared one of her emails with a very evil Manhattan-ite website. She has been torn to shreds. Check it out here: http://gawker.com/news/summer-with-a-douche/blair-barnette-would-like-to-avoid-chavs-and-non+intellectuals-267223.php The first comment is from collegecallgirl, who, apparently is a fine, classy woman who hooks. It's amazing how something so shallow can contain such a great void. If her blog is a valid description of her life, even though I am a fattie, I have so much more.
Ha Ha.

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Dewdrop said...

I still need to write that stinking letter...